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Textbook and Instructional Materials Publishers Bond

The State Textbook and Instructional Materials Quality Commission is responsible for recommending an official list of textbooks and instructional materials to the Tennessee State Board of Education (SBE) for approval. Once the SBE has approved a list of textbooks and instructional materials, it is the responsibility

Georgia Athlete Agent Bond ($10,000)

Georgia Athlete Agent Bond ($10,000) A Georgia Athlete Agent Bond is required by The Georgia Athletic And Entertainment Regulatory Commission to comply with the state licensing requirements before they are eligible to contact an athlete. Each state has drafted its own Athlete Agent Bond Form, so

Florida Para-Mutual Wagering Bond ($50,000)

Florida Para-Mutual Wagering Bond ($50,000) Parimutuel betting differs from fixed-odds betting in that the final payout is not determined until the pool is closed � in fixed odds betting, the payout is agreed at the time the bet is sold. Parimutuel gambling is frequently state-regulated, and

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