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Building trust, and obtaining the right surety bond at the right coverage amount are common concerns for all our clients. Our mission is to alleviate your concerns and answer your surety questions so that you concentrate on your business’ priorities.

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Surety Bond Consultative Services

Surety bonds have long demonstrated their efficacy in ensuring the security of an agreement between various parties. In this arrangement, three parties are frequently involved: the individual who has to carry out the duty (principal), the individual who wants assurance that the principal will carry out the obligation (obligee), and the sealer of promise, which guarantees the surety bond between the two (surety).

Surety Bond experts from Palmetto Surety Corporation work with you to identify and provide advice for compliance with all regulatory agencies and state and local obligee requirements for full compliance.  Using our no-cost consultation service, applicants can find out about potential risk exposure, excessive charges, overpayment, and maintain accurate renewals.  All consultations are no obligation and occur online by Palmetto Surety Corporation licensed Agents. It’s confidential, too; we will not divulge your name, your firm’s name, and any financial information you provide about your business or self.

Because of our unique affiliation with all the nation’s largest insurance carriers, we are confident enough to give you a value that will help your business expand. As a response, you will be able to demonstrate the ability to complete the task at hand and position yourself for success on another one.  In addition to our expertise in assessing your coverage needs, we also maintain your term coverage compliance. But if you’re looking for specific advantages, here’s what we provide.

      1. Instant Solutions – When you collaborate with our advisors, you will regularly find that immediate solutions are delivered. Our team possesses the necessary expertise and can provide prompt services to clients in any situation. Our consultation services can be applied in person, online, or by telephone. You will get vital knowledge about possibilities and solutions much more quickly.
      2. Expert Advice – You’ll never go wrong with us when you decide to team up with our consultation team. We are equipped with experience and knowledge to help you achieve your goals. We are not just experts in listening to your concerns. We also formulate possible solutions and choose the best for your advice.
      3. Create Changes – If you reach some point where you need to change the bond, we will help you find the most effective way better way. Our objective as a service provider is to add value to you and save you both time and headaches.

With your business at stake why not utilize our no-cost surety bond consultation services to give you the solution, coverage, and security you need?

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