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Surety Bond Definition and Explanation

Surety bonds are agreements between the principal, the obligee, and the surety company. Government agencies often require them for license or permit issuance. This helps ensure public safety, project completion, and regulation compliance. 

It differs from insurance as the principal must reimburse the surety company if there is a payout. Therefore, it is essential to understand the process and the importance of proper coverage.

Requirements for A Bond

Requirements for purchasing the bonds vary. This depends on the type of bond and the jurisdiction it is required in. However, some general requirements that may apply to all bonds include:

  • Good credit history
  • A willingness to comply with the terms and conditions of the bond
  • A license or permit from the state or local government (if applicable)
  • A certain level of experience in the industry

The bond provider performs underwriting to assess applicants’ qualifications and financial information. This helps them determine if the applicant is eligible for the bond.

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*Note: Bad credit may lead to higher premiums.

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Types of Bonds

Surety bonds are a type of financial guarantee to protect a third party’s interests. They are typically required by government agencies, businesses, and other organizations as a condition of doing business.

The cost of a bond varies depending on its type, amount, and the risk factors associated with the issuer. 

Below is a table outlining the different types of bonds. It provides descriptions and examples of what bonds are used for.

Bond TypeDescriptionExample
Bid bondGovernment agencies and organizations require a bid bond to guarantee that the contractor will fulfill the project. If they fail, the surety company will compensate the requesting party for any losses.A contractor posts a bond of $100,000 to bid on a government construction project.
Performance bondContractors often need to provide a performance bond to ensure they complete the project as agreed. If they fail to do so, a surety company will compensate the requesting party for any losses.A contractor must post a performance bond of $500,000 to build a new school for a school district.
Payment BondsPayment bonds ensure that contractors pay their suppliers and subcontractors. The surety company will cover payments if the contractor defaults.A contractor must post a payment bond of $250,000 to build a new hospital for a hospital district.
Fidelity bondFidelity bonds protect businesses from employee theft or fraud by compensating for losses incurred. If an employee steals from a business, the surety company pays for the losses.A business purchases a $100,000 fidelity bond for its employees who handle cash. 
Court bondsCourt bonds ensure that parties show up in court. If not, surety companies compensate for losses.A defendant in a civil lawsuit posts a bond of $50,000 to ensure that they will appear for the trial.
Surety Bonds

In addition, several miscellaneous bonds are used for various purposes. Some examples of miscellaneous bonds include:

  • Bail bonds are a way to release a person from jail.
  • License bonds are needed for certain government activities. They are a requirement to obtain a license to operate a business or engage in a specific activity.
  • Immigration bonds: Immigration bonds are used to secure the release of an alien from immigration detention.


Cost and other Factors Affecting Bond Prices

Various factors determine the cost of bonds. In this article, we will explore these factors in detail.

Below is a table highlighting the most significant factors affecting bond prices:

FactorsDefinitionImpact on Price
Credit scoreA measure of creditworthinessHigh
Industry riskThe level of risk associated with a particular industryHigh
Bond amountThe total amount of the bondModerate
Contract typeThe type of contract being bondedModerate
Bond durationThe length of time the bond will be in effectLow
State locationThe state in which the bond will be issuedLow

It is essential to note that some factors may carry more weight than others. A contractor with a low credit rating score will likely pay a higher bond premium than one with a high credit score. This is an example of how credit scores can affect a situation. Moreover, specific industries, such as construction, carry more risk than others, leading to higher bond costs without increasing the bond amounts.

Additionally, some unique details may impact bond prices. Suppose a company is considered high risk due to previous legal issues. In that case, the bond cost may be affected considerably compared to a company with a clean legal history.

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Key Takeaways:

  • A surety bond is a legally binding agreement that involves three parties: the principal, the obligee, and the surety.
  • The construction industry uses bonds to provide financial protection for project owners.
  • Surety bonds are contracts. They legally bind parties to ensure a project or job is completed as agreed upon by the client.
  • Various bonds are available, including bid, performance, construction, license, permit, court, and miscellaneous bonds.
  • Government agencies and businesses commonly require bonds to minimize financial risk and ensure consumer protection.
  • You can get bonds from an agency or insurance broker who intermediates the principal and the surety.
  • The principal’s contractual duties must be met. If not, the surety may have to pay the obligee. Afterward, they will demand reimbursement from the principal.
  • At, you can buy surety quickly, affordably, and conveniently online. You’ll receive instant approval and be able to download your bond right away.