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Florida CDA Distributing Agent Cigarettes Bond

CDA-Distributing Agent-Cigarettes
Alcoholic Beverage & Tobacco Tax
Price: Depends on application
Florida CDA Distributing Agent Cigarettes Bond

CDA-Distributing Agent-Ciga...

The State of Florida
CDA-Distributing Agent-Cigarettes

Surety Bond Details

State: Florida
Category: CDA-Distributing Agen...
Class: Alcoholic Beverage & To...
Obligee: Florida Division of A...
Amount: Varies
Duration: Stated on Bond
Expiration: Applicant Birth Date

Cost: Depends on applic...

The State Of Florida
CDA-Distributing Agent-Cigarettes
Alcoholic Beverage & Tobacco Tax
Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco
Stated on Bond
Applicant Birth Date
Surety Bond Insurance
SORPid: B-444
CDA-Distributing Agent-Cigarettes Details
Florida CDA Distributing Agent Cigarettes Bond
Florida CDA Distributing Agent Cigarettes Bond

Florida CDA Distributing Agent Cigarettes Alcoholic Beverage Tobacco Tax Bond: Get Surety Bond Now!

Navigating the complex world of surety bonds can be daunting, especially when it comes to ensuring compliance with state regulations while holding a valid Florida CDA Distributing Agent Cigarettes Alcoholic Beverage Tobacco Tax Bond for distributing cigarettes, alcoholic beverages or tobacco products in the State. In this article we provide an extensive overview of these kinds of bonds so you are better equipped and more confident navigating them.

Short Summary

  • Understanding Florida CDA Distributing Agent Bonds ensures compliance with state regulations and payment of taxes.
  • Bond amount is determined by business size, location, and financial stability. Credit checks may apply.
  • Renewal process requires submission of updated documentation & fee payment based on estimated tax liability over 30 days.

Understanding Florida CDA Distributing Agent Bonds

A Florida Distributing Agent Bond, otherwise known as a tobacco bond, is a surety bond that acts as an assurance for distributors of cigarettes and other related products such alcoholic beverages distributor as alcohol and tobacco to obey state regulations.

The purpose of this type of surety bonds is to secure payment when it comes due from taxes levied by the Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco. If all required criteria have been fulfilled in obtaining the properly executed surety bond only then will license or permit be granted.

Without which there can be no activity whatsoever authorized under law. Any bonded principal must also guarantee accurate accounting for levy payback at suitable timescales set out by said governmental division with regards to tobacco tax remittances.

Bond Requirements for Distributing Agents

A surety bond is required in Florida for a Distributing Agent, that amount being no less than $2,000 and up to 110% of the estimated tax liability over 30 days. T

he bond value derives from multiplying what was sold such as beer, alcoholic beverages, tobacco products or cigarettes by its applicable rate. Different bonds may be specified per product type too.

Role of a Distributing Agent

Florida’s Distributing Agents are in charge of taking possession and distributing un-stamped cigarettes from manufacturers to wholesalers. They also play a vital role, collecting excise taxes, on behalf of both the manufacturer and the wholesaler, while making sure they follow state regulations.

The same type of agent is used for managing transactions involving chewing tobacco as well, typically referred to as stamping agents due to their responsibility in verifying intrastate commerce through stamps.

Determining Your Bond Amount

When determining the amount of a bond required for a Distributing Agent in Florida, several factors must be taken into account: type and title of products involved, size of business, location where it operates from and financial standing.

The exact amounts may vary due to these details, so consulting with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) is essential when ascertaining relevant data on bonds. DBPR can provide advice regarding all aspects related to such matters - from verifying amounts needed for individual cases, up until establishing what specific regulations are applicable according to one’s situation.

Factors Affecting Bond Amount

The bond amount for businesses operating in Florida is determined according to the size, location and financial stability of the business. Size-wise, it must meet all necessary requirements and regulations set by state law.

Thus making sure that its scope does not exceed specified parameters. Location also plays a role as local zoning laws along with accessibility (public transportation options such as highways & parking spaces) have an impact on this decision too.

Last but certainly not least is taking into account any past or present violations/claims alongside creditworthiness when evaluating if enough bonding money should be required from each agent.

Calculating Estimated Tax Liability

The bond amount for a Distributing Agent in Florida needs to adhere to the Form DBPR ABT-6001 requirements. Estimating this agent’s tax liability requires taking into account their total income and relevant rates, as well as consulting with either a specialist or referring to the Florida Department of Revenue for accuracy.

Applying for a Florida CDA Distributing Agent Bond

Obtaining a Florida CDA Distributing Agent Bond is as simple as click, pay and print here at  Click here to start the process.

Required Documentation

When applying for a Florida CDA Distributing Agent Bond, it is important to submit the required documents including a completed application and supporting documentation with original signatures.

Additional paperwork may be needed by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR). Financial statements must also be provided if requesting bond amounts over $50,000.

The DBPR will need all requested documents before approving any a stamping agent who’s bond in this state.

Costs and Fees Associated with Florida CDA Distributing Agent Bonds

Surety Bond Costs

When seeking a Florida Alcohol or Tobacco Surety Bond, one should contact an agent for the personalized premium quote. T

his estimate depends on both credit standing and separate surety bond amount amount. When obtaining this type of Distributing Agent Bonds in Florida, other fees such as those related to charges and expenses may apply.

These could include account checks or payments associated with surety bonds credits.

Premium Rates

To get a more exact surety bond premium quote for the Florida CDA Distributing Agent Bond, it is advised to connect with an authorized agent. T

he cost of this type of bond may be affected by several factors such as: credit history of the applicant, size or amount needed for this particular bonding obligation, expected tax obligations and which company offers said bonds.

By speaking to a knowledgeable agency representative, you will obtain personalized assistance regarding your request.

Credit Checks and Other Fees

When obtaining a surety bond for a Florida Distributing Agent, the particular provider of this type of security may charge certain fees and require credit checks.

Maintaining Compliance with Florida Statutes and Regulations

It is imperative to adhere to all of the Florida statutes and regulations in order for a Distributing Agent Bond issued by the state of Florida to remain valid and avoid penalties.

The relevant rules concerning alcoholic beverage and tobacco/tobacco licensing can be located within said laws. Any breach or failure on part of the agent could lead to fines, suspension from their license or revocation altogether due to bonded document status.

Key Regulations to Follow

To stay compliant, business owners must follow key regulations like accurate accounting and paying taxes, as well as obeying state laws. The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) offers detailed information on such requirements including Form DBPR ABT-6001.

An applicable bond from a reliable surety firm situated in the Sunshine State is necessary too for legal purposes.

Consequences of Non-Compliance

Adherence to the rules and regulations of Florida is essential in order to avoid severe repercussions. Fines, suspension or revocation of licenses/bonds could all be possible consequences for non-compliance with state law.

To make sure no penalties are incurred, one must stay up to date on important statutes and have an active bond at all times when operating within Florida’s borders.

Renewing Your Florida CDA Distributing Agent Bond

surety bond renewals

When the time has come to renew your Florida CDA Distributing Agent Bond, you must take a few steps. First of all, make sure to fill in an application form available online without any costs from a trusted surety bond provider. Then submit both documents - that is done forms as well as necessary papers for obtaining the bond - to the District Licensing Office concerned with this matter.

As far as fees are taken into account, they depend on two factors: what amount was chosen by the agent and which particular company gave their assurance (surety). It should be noted that these amounts may differ due to specified certainties or insurers involved.

Renewal Process

If you need to renew your Florida CDA Distributing Agent Bond, it’s important that you provide written notice to the Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco at least 60 days before cancellation.

Along with a renewal application, be sure to include any other relevant documents requested by this division. There may also be associated costs including fees for bond premiums as well as whatever else is mandated by them. Pay these charges promptly in order to ensure successful renewal of your distributing agent role!

Renewal Fees

The bond required of Florida’s distributing agents requires a renewal fee that is based on the estimated tax liability for 30 days. To be valid, this minimum requirement should not go below two thousand dollars or exceed 110% of such an amount. As part of its duty to keep their business compliant, the agent must ensure these conditions are met when renewing the Bond.


Navigating the world of Florida CDA Distributing Agent Bonds can be complex, but with this comprehensive guide, you’ll be well-prepared to obtain, maintain, and renew your bond with confidence.

By understanding bond requirements, calculating your bond amount, and adhering to key regulations, you’ll ensure the smooth operation of your business and avoid costly penalties.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the statute 562.11 in Florida?

In the state of Florida, businesses are legally obligated to ensure that they do not serve or provide alcohol to any person who is under 21 years old.

This rule stipulated by Statute 562.11 holds business owners and those associated with serving alcoholic beverages responsible for verifying customers’ drinking age before distributing drinks.

Lying about one’s own age as well as another individual’s in order to procure an underage drink may face consequences too.

Which agency deals with alcohol and tobacco in Florida?

The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation is the governing body that manages alcohol, the tobacco industry and other business matters in the state.

Its jurisdiction encompasses all businesses within Florida, thereby controlling everything from licensing to regulating everything.

How much does a tobacco license cost in Florida?

In order to obtain a retail tobacco license in Florida, you are required to complete the DBPR ABT-6028 form and pay a non-refundable fee per location. This amount must be fully paid prior for your license to be issued.

What is the purpose of a Florida CDA Distributing Agent Bond?

The Florida CDA Distributing Agent Bond is designed to ensure that agents who distribute cigarettes, alcohol and tobacco in the state adhere to regulations and fulfill their tax obligations. This bond guarantees payment from these distributing agents.

How is the bond amount calculated?

The bond amount is determined by approximating the tax burden for a 30-day period. This estimate helps secure the debt in case of nonpayment, otherwise the bond form known as debt security.

CDA-Distributing Agent-Cigarettes

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By posting a surety bond, principals pledge to comply with the conditions of any written contract or applicable law.

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