Mississippi Blanket Weighmasters Bond

Weighmasters Bond
License & Permit Bonds
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Mississippi Blanket Weighmasters Bond

Weighmasters Bond

The State of Mississippi
Weighmasters Bond

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State: Mississippi
Category: Weighmasters Bond
Class: License & Permit Bonds
Obligee: Mississippi Departmen...
Amount: $5,000
Duration: Stated on Bond
Expiration: 30-Jun

Cost: $100

The State Of Mississippi
Weighmasters Bond
License & Permit Bonds
Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce
Stated on Bond
Surety Bond Insurance
SORPid: A-210
Weighmasters Bond Details
Mississippi Blanket Weighmasters Bond
Mississippi Blanket Weighmasters Bond

Understanding the Mississippi Blanket Weighmasters Bond: Ensuring Accuracy in Public Weighing

In the state of Mississippi, the accurate measurement of goods is of paramount importance for various industries. Weighmasters play a crucial role in ensuring fair and accurate weighing practices. Mississippi has established a bonded weighmasters license law to uphold the integrity of public weighing, requiring individuals engaged in this business to meet specific qualifications and obtain a weighmasters bond.

This article will delve into the purpose, qualifications, licensing, and bonding requirements outlined in Sections 75-27-301 through 75-27-325 of the Mississippi Code.

What is a Weighmaster?

Weighmasters are individuals appointed or employed to weigh goods for commercial transactions. Their role varies across industries, such as agriculture, manufacturing, freight, and logistics. Weighmasters are responsible for obtaining accurate measurements to ensure fair trade and prevent any potential fraudulent practices.

Purpose of the Blanket Weighmasters License Bond:

The Mississippi Weighmasters License Bond is a financial guarantee designed to protect consumers, businesses, and the state from potential losses arising from inaccurate measurements or misconduct on the part of weighmasters. The weighmasters bond is a safeguard, providing financial compensation if a weighmaster fails to fulfill their obligations or intentionally engages in fraudulent activities.

Qualifications for Weighmasters:

To become a licensed weighmaster in Mississippi, individuals must meet specific qualifications. The state requires applicants to possess the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience to perform public weighing accurately. Additionally, they must demonstrate good moral character and be at least 21 years old.

Licensing Process:

Applicants must apply to the Mississippi Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce to obtain a weighmasters license bond. The application typically requires proof of the applicant's qualifications, including any relevant education or experience. Once approved, a license will be issued, allowing the individual to operate as a weighmaster within the state legally.

Weighmasters Bonding Requirements:

Securing a blanket weighmasters bond is crucial to becoming a weighmaster in Mississippi. The bond serves as a financial guarantee that the weighmaster will adhere to the regulations and fulfill their duties diligently. It also protects consumers and businesses in the event of any losses incurred due to a weighmaster's negligence or misconduct.

The bonding requirement stipulates that weighmasters must secure a bond of at least $5,000. This bond is obtained from a licensed surety bond provider and serves as a guarantee that the weighmaster will comply with all laws and regulations related to public weighing. In case of a valid claim, the bond provider will compensate the affected party up to the bond's limit.

Maintaining Compliance:

Once licensed and bonded, weighmasters must adhere to the regulations outlined in the Mississippi Weighmasters Law. Compliance with the law is essential for maintaining licensure and the validity of the weighmasters bond. This includes regularly renewing the license, keeping accurate records of weighing activities, and ensuring that weighing equipment is appropriately maintained and calibrated.


The Mississippi Weighmasters Bond maintains fair trade practices and protects consumers and businesses from potential losses. By establishing qualifications, licensing, and bonding requirements for weighmasters, the state aims to ensure accurate public weighing. Understanding and complying with the regulations is crucial for individuals seeking to engage in public weighing within Mississippi.

Weighmasters Bond

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