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South Carolina Professional Solicitor Bond ($15...

Professional Solicitor
License & Permit Bonds
Price: $195
South Carolina Professional Solicitor Bond

Professional Solicitor

The State of South Carolina
Professional Solicitor

Surety Bond Details

State: South Carolina
Category: Professional Solicitor
Class: License & Permit Bonds
Obligee: Secretary of State
Amount: $15,000
Duration: Stated on Bond
Expiration: Stated on Bond

Cost: $195

The State Of South Carolina
Professional Solicitor
License & Permit Bonds
Secretary of State
Stated on Bond
Stated on Bond
Surety Bond Insurance
SORPid: B-501
Professional Solicitor Details
South Carolina Professional Solicitor Bond
South Carolina Professional Solicitor Bond

Everything You Need to Know About South Carolina Professional Solicitor Bond

Navigating South Carolina’s professional solicitor bonds can be overwhelming, especially for those unfamiliar with the industry. In this guide, we will help demystify these critical securities which guarantee legitimate behavior and reparations to harmed parties in order to make your experience of fundraising smooth sailing in The Palmetto State.

Key Takeaways

  • South Carolina Professional Solicitor Bond is a surety bond of $15,000 that guarantees compliance with state solicitation regulations.
  • Obtaining the bond requires meeting certain requirements and engaging an experienced surety company.
  • Renewal and maintenance of the bond must be done annually to remain compliant with state regulations.

Understanding South Carolina Professional Solicitor Bond

In South Carolina, professional solicitors are legally obliged to acquire a surety bond in order to ensure compliance with the regulations. This Professional Solicitor Bond seeks to protect all stakeholders such as charitable organizations and donors from any potential misconduct of these professionals. To guarantee adequate protection for everyone involved, this type of bond is set at $15000 per person by South Carolina’s authorities. It safeguards both the solicitor themselves and other parties which benefit from their services, like charitable institutions or contributors who support them financially.

The Role of Professional Solicitors

Professional solicitors serve a critical purpose in helping charitable organizations raise funds. Their skills allow them to plan, conduct and manage fundraising efforts for the organization while providing advice as consultants. In order to ensure ethical practices are upheld when collecting donations, South Carolina’s Charitable Funds Act and Public Charities Division of the Secretary of State provide regulations that professional solicitors must follow during their work with these charities. These rules aim to protect both donors and organizations by creating transparency between parties involved while still achieving results through giving towards charitable purposes.

Compliance with South Carolina Solicitation Regulations

Obeying the regulations in South Carolina concerning fund raising solicitations is essential for professional soliciting. The Solicitation of Charitable Funds Act, which can be found within Title 33, Chapter 56 S.C. Code of Laws, holds these policies and helps ensure that all fundraising projects are conducted with integrity and clarity. Safeguarding both charitable foundations as well as their benefactors alike.

Non-compliance to this law could result in hefty penalties including fines or a suspended/revoked licence plus criminal prosecution if necessary. As such, annual registration with the Secretary of State should take place alongside obtaining an annual bond from them (valued at $10 000) along with providing elaborate financial reports also being mandatory steps taken into consideration by those involved for adherence reasons.

Determining the Bond Amount for South Carolina Professional Solicitor

In South Carolina, the professional solicitor bond is set at a minimum of $15,000. This amount guarantees the protection for all people related to fundraising activities in that state. The total cost of this bond can be affected by one’s credit score since applicants with better standings may obtain more favorable premiums such as being as low as $150. Those with poorer records will tend to get higher fees so it is important to safeguard good ratings if you want to secure an advantageous deal on your bonding requirements.

The Process of Obtaining a Professional Solicitor Bond in South Carolina

Obtaining a Professional Solicitor Bond requires specific license qualifications and the use of an established surety bond provider to guarantee it. The company will support you through this procedure, giving advice for making everything go smoothly while keeping security high.

License Application Requirements

In order to be granted a Professional Solicitor Bond in South Carolina, certain criteria must be met. Background checks and financial statements of individual owners need to be submitted along with the license application which is then filed with the Secretary of State’s Office. Once all documentation has been completed correctly, timely processing will ensure approval for bond acquisition that provides protection for those involved in fundraising endeavors. To fulfill this requirement, it’s necessary to submit both an official license form as well as relevant attachments associated with each individual owner thereby guaranteeing smooth sailing through the whole process before you can get your desired professional solicitor bond in South Carolina.

Working with Bond Experts

When it comes to acquiring a Professional Solicitor Bond in South Carolina, engaging the expertise of bond experts can be quite beneficial. They offer expert advice on finding competitive rates and facilitate filing paperwork required for such bonds. Trustworthy professionals with comprehensive knowledge about these matters are easily accessible online through customer reviews or references from those already working in this sector. Doing so guarantees that all processes related to obtaining your professional solicitor’s bond will run smoothly with maximum efficiency!

Surety Bond Conditions and Responsibilities

For a Professional Solicitor Bond in South Carolina, the surety bond conditions mandate timely renewal of this bond and compliance with state regulations. Exercising responsible financial management is also expected to ensure that all parties involved, from charitable organizations represented by professional solicitors to individual donors, will be fully protected. Meeting these requirements shows your dedication towards following ethical practices as well as demonstrating sound financial capabilities, ultimately strengthening the trustworthiness of fundraisers in South Carolina while protecting those served.

Bond Renewal and Maintenance

To stay compliant with the state regulations, it is necessary to regularly renew and maintain your South Carolina Professional Solicitor Bond. This surety bond must be for a sum of $15,000 which will remain in effect until canceled by the issuer who can also terminate this agreement at any time through written notice. Professional solicitors have to update their license on an annual basis so that they are able to protect the interests of those charitable organizations under them. Renewal and preservation of this specific bond type becomes crucial if one wants to follow along with these laws mandated by South Carolina’s governing body regulating such activities pertaining to Professional Solicitors operating within its borders.


By abiding by the regulations set in South Carolina, utilizing a reliable bond specialist and upholding your bonds as a Professional Solicitor, you can guarantee success while also guaranteeing the protection of charitable organizations that you serve. Your commitment to integrity within this field is imperative both for yourself and those who rely on it. With these tools explained through this guide at hand, embark on your journey towards successful compliance when carrying out professional fundraising activities across the state.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the South Carolina Professional Solicitor Bond?

The South Carolina Professional Solicitor Bond provides a financial guarantee that professional solicitors will act lawfully and that affected parties can seek compensation if they do not.

What is the bond amount for a professional solicitor in South Carolina?

A professional solicitor registered in South Carolina is legally obligated to maintain a bond of $15,000.

What are the surety bond conditions for a Professional Solicitor Bond in South Carolina?

A Professional Solicitor Bond in South Carolina necessitates that professional solicitors adhere to state regulations, renew the bond on time and maintain sensible financial and asset management.

How can I ensure that my bond is renewed and maintained?

For the continual renewal and strengthening of your bond, you must submit a surety bond for $15,000 each year as well as renew your professional fundraiser license.

Professional Solicitor

Why do you need a Professional Solicitor Bond?

The Professional Solicitor Bond is a contract between you and your client. This agreement protects your client from financial loss resulting from your breach of contract. Expressly, it guarantees that your client will be financially compensated for any losses from your breach of contract, misrepresentation, or fraudulent conduct. This is important because you are assuming liability for your client's financial losses as a professional solicitor. If a client were to suffer a financial loss due to your actions, they would not be able to file a claim against you directly. Instead, the client would have to file a lawsuit against the surety bond you obtained when you registered as a professional solicitor. Therefore, you are required to obtain a Professional Solicitor Bond as part of becoming an experienced solicitor.

Individual Liability in South Carolina

In South Carolina, individuals contracting with a client have a contractual relationship with that client. The client pays the individual, and the individual then employs a company (i.e., advertising company, public relations company, etc.) to perform a service and then pays that company directly. A bond is not required in these situations. If an individual is contracting now with a company, they will enter into a fiduciary relationship with that company. In this situation, the individual is acting as the company's agent. The fiduciary relationship is one in which an agent agrees to work for and on behalf of the principal. In other words, an individual is contracting with a company and being compensated for services rendered.

How to Obtain a South Carolina Professional Solicitor Bond

You will first need to find a surety bond company to obtain the Professional Solicitor Bond. You can visit the Surety Association of America's website for information on the various companies. You will also need to submit a copy of the South Carolina Professional Solicitor Application form. You can obtain this form online or by contacting the Secretary of State's office. You must apply with a $5,000 surety bond, a $65 fee, and a copy of your current driver's license.

What does the bond cost?

The amount of your Professional Solicitor Bond will be based on your personal credit history. The surety bond company will review your credit history and assign you a rating. The rating that the company gives to you is called a "grade." If your grade is low, this will result in a higher premium. The surety bond company will handle the entire application process for you. They will take your application, review your credit history, and assign you a grade. The company will then determine the amount of the bond premium based on your grade and your personal credit history. The bonus will then be added to the $5,000 required for the bond.

Final Words: Working with Surety Bonds and Solicitors

A surety bond is a financial agreement between one or more parties. In the case of a Professional Solicitor Bond, it is an agreement between the client and the professional solicitor. This agreement protects each party if they fail to uphold their end of the contract. You will be required to obtain a Professional Solicitor Bond as a professional solicitor. This bond protects your client from financial loss from a breach of contract or fraudulent conduct.

Similarly, a client will be required to obtain a performance bond to protect the professional solicitor from financial loss due to non-performance. As an individual, you can work with a surety bond company to get a performance bond or a surety bond. When you work with a surety bond company, they will apply to your state's insurance department and make an application to the company providing the surety bond. In the application, they will request a bond be written in your name.

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How do I get a South Carolina Professional Solicitor Bond?

The application process for a South Carolina Professional Solicitor Bond is quick and easy, usually only taking about five minutes from start to bond download (as with most our instant issue bonds). Simply click the "Buy Now" button below, complete the few questions for the bond application, pay your premium online, Docusign the agreements, then download your surety bond delivered via PDF. You can now print your now effective, signed and sealed bond in color.

By posting a surety bond, principals pledge to comply with the conditions of any written contract or applicable law.

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