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Class: Fuel Tax

South Carolina Motor Fuel User Fee Bond

South Carolina Motor Fuel User Fee Bond The South Carolina State Motor Fuel User Fee Bond is required by the South Carolina Department of Revenue. The bond guarantees that the applicant will pay all of the user fees, penalties, and/or interest which may be due under

Mississippi Petroleum Tax Bond

Mississippi Petroleum Tax Bond A distributor is any person who receives, imports, acquires, purchases, sells or distributes any taxable petroleum product (gasoline, ethanol, aviation gasoline, dyed diesel fuel, undyed diesel fuel, kerosene, fuel oil, bio-diesel or jet fuel, compressed gas or lubricating oil [motor oil]) on

Mississippi Contractor Blanket Bond (To Include Diesel Fuel)

The following provides a brief summary of Sales and Use Tax information for construction contractors. The Sales Tax Law levies a 3.5% Contractor tax on all non-residential construction activities when the total contract price or compensation received exceeds $10,000.00. Material Purchase Certificate (MPC)