Obligee: Georgia Department of Revenue-Motor Vehicle Division Surety Bonds

Private Tag Agent Bond | Georgia

Georgia Private Tag Agent Bond ($50,000) What is a Private Tag Agent Bond? The surety bond serves as a financial guarantee that your business will: both give a receipt for cash paid by members of the public for services rendered. Also, that you will pay to the state’s Tax Commissioner all collected motor vehicle applications, taxes, fees, penalties; and that you will provide all registration documents to your customers in the course of your business transactions. The Private Tag Agent Bond is required when the principal wishes to obtain a license or permit to become a private tag agent within the State of Georgia. The Private Tag Agent Bond is a binding agreement between the Principal and Obligee (State of Georgia), backed by the Surety Company. It is the job of the principal to comply with the Commissioner of Revenue, the Official Code of Georgia Annotated 40-2-25 and 40-2-88, the County Tax Commissioner, and the rules, regulations, specifications, laws, and provisions of the State of Georgia. How long does the Private Tag Agent Surety Bond last? The State of Georgia Private Tag Agent Surety Bond has a 1-year term, which means the bond will remain in effect until 1 year after the Start or Effective Date (Date Bond Should Start). The premium will renew annually, after underwriting review.