Obligee: Law Enforcement Division Surety Bonds

South Carolina Private Detective Bond

South Carolina Private Detective Bond As a private investigator in the State of South Carolina, one of the requirements is to carry a Private Investigation Agency Bond. The bond is required by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division.(SLED) The Private Investigation Surety Bond protects the State of SC and its taxpayers in the event of fraudulent or illegal actions by the private investigator or detective agency. Also in the event that the private detective or it’s agency violates state law and closes the business without paying applicable fines.

South Carolina Pistol Dealer License Bond

South Carolina Pistol Dealer’s License Bond ($10,000) A Gun Dealer License Bond, also known as a pistol dealer license Bond, is required in the state of South Carolina by the State Law Enforcement Division. This Bond guarantees that the applicant will comply with the duties and responsibilities associated with this type of license, by law.

South Carolina Polygraph Examiner Bond

South Carolina Polygraph Examiners Bond ($5,000) South Carolina Polygraph Examiners are required under Act No. 1487 of the 1972 Acts of the General Assembly of South Carolina to file a South Carolina Polygraph Examiner Bond as a condition of licensure. This type of bond aims to protect the general public and your customers from any fraudulent activities or misuse you may engage in. It guarantees you will follow the law while conducting your activities as a lie detector operator. In case you transgress from the rules, you can face a bond claim.