Obligee: Mississippi Department of Banking and Consumer Finance Surety Bonds

Mississippi Pawnbroker Bond

Mississippi Pawnbroker Bond ($10,000) A Pawnbroker license Bond is required for people who engage in the business of lending money on a deposit or on a pledge of personal property against a security written evidence. Without an adequate license, no person can carry on the pawnbroker business. To obtain the pawnbroker license the pawnbroker must obtain a Bond called a pawnbroking license Bond, pass a background check and pay the appropriate state licensing fees. Only after obtaining the license, the pawnbroker can start the business by lending loans on pledge or purchasing of personal property on condition that it will be sold with in a stipulated time or on goods, wares or merchandise. This Bond Guarantees the compliance with respect to laws and regulations to govern the operation of pawnbroker?s business. This pawnbroker license is for the benefit of pledger for the pledged property. When the property pledged is not available for redemption due to the negligence of the pawnbrokers, this pawnbroker license will protect him.

Mississippi Small Loan License Bond

Mississippi Small Loan License Bond You are required to obtain a bond for your small loan company to protect your customers. If you do not follow your state’s regulations, a claim can be filed on your bond.

Mississippi Mortgage Broker Bond

Mississippi Mortgage Broker Bond Mortgage Brokers are real estate financing experts that help people find and negotiate financing terms for their specific mortgage. In addition to being licensed, mortgage brokers must also post a surety bond to ensure compliance with state regulations governing this line of business. These bonds are required by states to protect consumers that are in the process of obtaining mortgages.