Obligee: Mississippi Department of Revenue

Mississippi Brewer’s Bond ($10,000)

Mississippi Brewer’s Bond ($10,000) The Brewer’s Bond ensures that the brewery is liable for all taxes on all beer removed for consumption or sale. The taxes are to be paid to the Mississippi Department of Revenue, as well as any federal taxes that may apply.

Mississippi Beer Brewpub Bond ($5,000)

Mississippi Brewpub Bond ($5,000) A brewers surety bond is a type of alcohol tax bond that can be required by both the federal government and your state. Your state and local authorities will also ask for a brewers bond to guarantee that your brewery will pay

Mississippi Gaming Establishment Bond

Mississippi Gaming Establishment bond If you are engaged in the operation of a gaming establishment in Mississippi you are required under section 75-76-1 et. seq. of the Mississippi Code to file a Mississippi Gaming Establishment Bond as a condition of licensure.A surety bond protects the party

Mississippi Petroleum Tax Bond

Mississippi Petroleum Tax Bond A distributor is any person who receives, imports, acquires, purchases, sells or distributes any taxable petroleum product (gasoline, ethanol, aviation gasoline, dyed diesel fuel, undyed diesel fuel, kerosene, fuel oil, bio-diesel or jet fuel, compressed gas or lubricating oil [motor oil]) on

Mississippi Contractor Blanket Bond (To Include Diesel Fuel)

The following provides a brief summary of Sales and Use Tax information for construction contractors. The Sales Tax Law levies a 3.5% Contractor tax on all non-residential construction activities when the total contract price or compensation received exceeds $10,000.00. Material Purchase Certificate (MPC)

Mississippi Wholesaler Tobacco Dealer Bond

Mississippi Wholesale Tobacco Dealer’s Surety Bond This surety bond is required by the Mississippi Department of Revenue. The bond amount is based on the amount of tobacco handled by the wholesaler. For further information regarding the application requirements contact the Mississippi Department of Revenue.

Mississippi Sales Tax Bond

Mississippi Sales Tax Bond When you start your liquor business, you’ll be required to obtain an alcohol tax bond by the state of Mississippi.. It is a prerequisite for participating in the sale, manufacturing and warehousing of alcohol. The alcohol bond, also known as a liquor

Mississippi Beer and Light Wine Wholesalers Bond

Mississippi Beer and Light Wine Wholesalers Bond A Mississippi Beer and Light Wine Wholesalers Bond is a type of surety bond that is required of anyone involved in the business of manufacturing of light wines or beer, in the business of wholesaler of distributor of light