The Best Surety Bond Companies of 2023: A Comprehensive Guide

Choosing a surety bond provider among the many available options can be overwhelming. To make it easier for you to pick, we’ve compiled this guide with details of the best surety bond companies in 2023 as well as types and factors that need consideration when selecting one. By reading through our article carefully, you will gain an understanding on what kind of surety bond is right for your business and how best to secure it!

Key Takeaways

  • The top five surety bond companies for 2023 are Surety Bonds Co., Liberty Mutual, Travelers, Zurich and Jet Insurance Company.
  • Factors to consider when choosing a surety bond company include financial strength, types of bonds available and limits offered as well as customer service and claims handling.
  • The cost of a surety bond can vary depending on type, state & applicant’s credit rating with average costs ranging from 1%-12% of the amount bonded.

Top 5 Surety Bond Companies in 2023


Surety bonds are not all created equally, so in 2023 the best bond the large insurance companies had to go with were identified as the top five – Surety Bonds Co., Liberty Mutual, Travelers, Zurich and Jet Insurance Company. The selection of these specialty insurance company providers was based on their vast array of different kinds surety bonds available for customers along with years worth of experience providing such services. They offer straightforward online quoting process making it much easier for potential policyholders while also ensuring competitively priced rates within an established marketplace. To gain a better understanding why each one is considered among the leading surety carriers let’s have deeper look at them:

Sureity Bonds Co. offers both comprehensive portfolio types alongside easy-to navigate website . Liberty Mutual provides secure coverage backed by decades past expertise in this industry domain. WithTravelers you can expect reputable specialized products and superior customer service options like no other provider out there! While but Jakarta might specialize solely on jet travel related ones that guarantee absolute peace mind due its robust offerings keeping your activities covered wherever you may fly off to! Lastly finally ,Zurich prides itselfon abilitytheir timely delivery when any sort comesclaim settlement money need be immediately transferred over immediate repayment capabilities during times financial crisis without delay !

Best Overall: Surety Bonds Co.

Surety Bonds Co. stands out as a premier surety bond provider in 2023, with a vast selection of the largest surety companies with bonds protect them, excellent customer service and competitive rates. Customers are taken care of through their customized services tailored to any type of industry. Hence making it simple for businesses to get just what they need when it comes to bonding solutions. The company prioritizes creating an exceptional experience for its clients by ensuring that all necessary information is available during claims processing.

Travelers specializes in casualty insurance offerings along with risk management products intended identify potential risks ahead-of time plus large, bonding and insurance company side capacities – so customers can trust them completely throughout this process . On top being mutually owned organization Traveler offers 24/7 reporting system on email, fax or regular mail which makes tracking progress easy but speedy too

Best for Small Businesses: Jet Insurance company

Jet Insurance Company stands out as the preferred solution for small businesses in need of surety bonds. Through their streamlined online application process, customers can access affordable and speedy coverages quickly without compromising regulatory compliance requirements.

For new contractors setting up shop, Jet is an invaluable resource that provides extensive support from a dependable bonding and insurance services provider – helping them on their road to success with tailored services specifically designed for such establishments.

Best for Construction Bonds: United Fire Insurance Company

United Fire Insurance Company is known for their specialized construction bonds, which has earned them a renowned reputation in the industry. With financial strength and affordable rates, they provide an extensive variety of options to suit contractors’ needs. In 2023, Company C stands out as the leading provider of this kind of service.

For bid bonds and contractor performance bond requirements there are no demands on one’s credit score or net worth — making it easier for many to qualify when using Company C services. Customers also benefit from competitive prices along with quality customer care that makes them a go-to partner within the construction field.

Best for Bad Credit: Surety Bonds Direct

Businesses with poor credit don’t need to fret, as Surety Bonds Direct is here for them. Surety bonds are made available at flexible terms and competitive rates by American Contractors Indemnity Company in partnership with Philadelphia Insurance. Perfect for those needing assistance overcoming their credit issues.

Also, motor vehicle dealers who have a bad record can get attractive bond prices from BondsExpress.com – even at 5%! Thanks to Surety Bonds Direct these companies now have access to the surety they require despite any unideal circumstances regarding their financials..

Best for Large Contractors: The Hartford

The Hartford has established itself as the top choice for large contractors due to their amazing services which include an impressive bonding capacity and exceptional financial security. Contractors with a strong credit rating of 700 or higher have access to great rates, specifically 0.55%. Those contractors bonding themselves without any claims in the past are Offered this rate along with all other clients.

Their team’s deep expertise here is another highlight. Having more than two decades’ worth of experience allows them to guarantee that they offer some of the best contracting solutions available today – thus catering successfully to large firms’ needs!

Surety Bonds: An Overview


Surety bonds are a form of financial security which ensures companies abide by the legal regulations and contractual agreements they have agreed upon. Surety company involvement notary bond is necessary to protect both parties of same bond, known as obligee and principal from any sort of losses due to this type of bond.

This article provides an overview on understanding how surety bonds work, their various categories plus how these important measures influence different industries.

Being knowledgeable about what surety bonds entail, its forms plus importance when it comes to various sectors will be essential in order for one choose an apt surety bond mutual insurance company, that could meet all requirements needed before moving Into such matters. Put simply, through involving a reliable suretly firm guarantees protection between the two sides partaking in financial harm within contract making usementof them more secure overall while working together professionally too!

What Are Surety Bonds?

Surety bonds are a form of contract between the business (the principal), an obligee that requires it, and the bond provider referred to as ‘surety’. It acts as assurance from them guaranteeing fulfillment on their part towards what has been agreed upon. In case of failure, compensation can be provided by the bryant surety bonds for any losses suffered by the obligee.

These kinds of contractual guarantees prove highly essential in many industries so that they remain true to their promises and customers aren’t affected due to inability from businesses.

Types of Surety Bonds

Surety bonds are a form of protection that fall into three key categories – contract, commercial, and court. Contract bonds cover things like performance and payment obligations in the construction industry while commercial types such as license or permit surety serve to make sure businesses comply with regulations. Lastly, legal proceedings require court ones including a probate bond or fiduciary sureties. Businesses should identify the most appropriate bond for their needs by understanding which type of these surety options applies best to them.

Importance of Surety Bonds

Surety bonds are essential in managing risk and guaranteeing that businesses keep up with their commitments. Industries such as construction heavily rely on surety bonds to ensure that: owners can trust contractors, subcontractors have dependable suppliers, and all parties will be duly rewarded once the job is done. This form of security allows everyone involved to maintain a mutual level of performance and payment bonds of trust when forming contractual agreements. The value provided by surety bonds cannot be underestimated. They make every partnership more secure from start-to-finish.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Surety Bond Company


Having explored the basics of surety bonds, we will now take a look at some important factors to consider when selecting a suitable bond provider. Businesses should assess the financial soundness and variety of bond types offered by these companies as well as their customer service and claims handling excellence in order to choose what best suits them from among all available surety options. By considering such elements carefully, one can ensure that they find an optimal securer for their purposeful requirements.

Financial Strength

When deciding on a surety bond company, it is important to consider the financial strength and reliability of the provider. A good indicator of this can be ascertained by looking at their Better Business Bureau score and credit ratings. Companies with sound finances typically receive more competitive rates due to having greater working capital. Something sureties take into account when determining surety bond costs. When selecting a reputable surety bond organization that has solid footing financially, businesses will have an assurance that they are backed up securely and stably for any bonding requirements needed in the future.

Bond Types and Limits

When selecting a surety bond company, it is essential to check that they provide a variety of limits and bond types. Companies with comprehensive offerings such as license & license and permit bonds,, contract bonds, and commercial ones ensure businesses can find suitable bond for their particular needs.

By opting for an organisation which features plenty of different options concerning both its limits and type of bonding services available to customers will guarantee they procure just what’s necessary in order protect themselves against any sort risks or losses associated with surety agreements.

Customer Service and Claims Handling

Finding a surety bond company with outstanding customer service and swift claims handling is crucial for any business casualty insurance company looking to protect themselves via bonding. Such a provider should provide assistance concerning all manner of surety claim matters, offering protection for the principal party involved while making certain that coverage levels are adequate. They must strive to promptly manage every single claim without delay or error.

By selecting such an elite surety bond firm who values both client experience and efficient processing throughout the entire process (from start to finish) businesses can breathe easy knowing their investment in this form of security will be respected by those charged with protecting it most: their sureties .

Obtaining a Surety Bond: Step-by-Step Guide

Steps to buy a bondThe process of obtaining a surety bond in Florida, including the necessary steps and how to get a surety bond in Florida.

Once we have discussed the things to take into account when selecting a surety bond business, let us now guide you in securing one. In this step-by-step process from deciding on the type and amount of your particular bond up until filing it with the obligee, we will assist you throughout bonding process of finding out which surety bond industry is most beneficial for your commercial objectives and needs.

To begin off, determining what kind of guarantee must be acquired should be done firstly – depending upon whatever requires said specific assurance may need to achieve goals that are needed by it’s obligated party/parties.

Determine Bond Type and Amount


To ensure the right surety bond is secured, it’s essential to assess precisely what type of bond and amount needed for your particular business or project. This will depend on factors such as the industry you’re in, any contractual obligations that must be met and risk levels associated with them. A specialist surety broker can provide support in identifying an appropriate bond type and sum.

Research Suitable Surety Companies

When deciding on the right surety provider, it’s important to research several companies and compare them based on factors such as financial strength, bond types/limits offered, customer service ratings and claims handling. Gather quotes from multiple providers for more competitive rates that fit your business needs—don’t be afraid to ask questions along the way! Once you have determined which type of bond is necessary for a project or client contract, evaluate potential surety partners who meet all these criteria in order ensure successful protection for any future obligations.

Complete the Application Process

Once you’ve chosen a surety bond insurance company name, it is necessary to go through the application process. Normally this includes submitting an application form and providing financial documentation including credit reports. You should anticipate giving specific information on both your business history as well as finances since sureties analyze these during the assessment period.

Honesty is paramount when dealing with a surety bond firm for any discrepancies or false declarations may cause difficulties in getting your bonded approved or even refusal of the request all together.

Pay Bond Premium and File with Obligee

When your bond application is accepted, the agent will inform you of the bond limits and what the required premium payment would be and also provide an agreement from the government contracts a bonding company. The amount must usually be paid in full before getting hold of any bonds.

Once that’s been done, then you’ll receive documentation concerning the bond amount issued by said bonding company – which should be submitted to whoever requested it (the obligee). Make sure to stick carefully with whatever instructions they give when it comes time for filing so everything’s set up properly regarding this particular bond.

Surety Bond Costs and Factors Affecting Rates

Lowering surety Bond CostsTips for lowering Surety Bond costs.

It is essential to have a solid grasp of the surety bond purchase procedure in order to determine what it costs and which elements shape the rates. On average, surety bonds may fluctuate depending on its purpose, where it’s requested from and an individual’s credit score. Here we will explore these factors that affect prices set by most surety bonds and bonding companies.

The particulars of any situation play into how much one can expect for their surety bond fee: type of obligation required, jurisdiction region, as well as applicant solvency all factor into pricing determined by proprietors of such bond guarantees. guarantees

Average Surety Bond Costs

The cost of surety bonds, known as the premium, can vary from 1-12% depending on factors such as credit rating and bond type. If your lower credit score is excellent you may pay between $50 to $150 annually for a surety bond. Those with poor ratings will usually have to pay more – typically around $250-$500 per year. It’s important to take these costs into consideration when trying to get the best possible deal for your specific situation in regards to any kind of surety bonding or other related services pertaining directly towards an amount covering security measures tied up with that certain type of financial contract agreement regarding a particular value sum written out clearly which serves as assurance money—or rather ‘bond’—in case whatever it was securing ends up going through legal trials due incapability by either one party involved in said transaction not being able upholding his/her end according mutual expectations stipulated previously at point time structure set forth so agreed upon both individuals allowed grant this legitimacy stated aforesaid conditions originally deemed crucial during initiation degree thus starting whole process all over again if needed regardless whether claim actually placed would ultimately justify necessity reestablishing procedure

Factors Influencing Rates

Surety bond rates can vary based on several elements, such as the type of surety and an applicant’s credit history. Some high-risk bonds like contract and performance bonds will typically cost more than some court bonds or commercial bonds that tend to have lower premiums associated with them. Regulations governing a given state may also affect the rate charged for a specific surety bond product. Bond companies use applicants’ credit histories in determining their costs because it is seen as evidence of one’s ability to meet all commitments related to said debt instrument.

By recognizing which factors sway these charges businesses can better prepare for any potential expenses concerning obtaining certain types of sureties .


To sum up, it is critical that businesses of different sectors have the correct surety bond in place. By being aware of the various kinds available, evaluating what to look for when selecting a surety company and understanding how one obtains them, companies can make astute decisions as well as safeguard their interests. With this thorough guidebook at hand you should now be equipped with all the data required to select an appropriate option regarding your specific needs. Securely go ahead and obtain your guarantee arrangement confidently!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be bonded by a surety company?

When construction company or a surety company issues a bond, it is essentially providing an insurance and financial guarantee to customers that their business will fulfill any obligations they make. This creates trust between businesses and consumers by ensuring promises are kept. Surety bonds play an important role in this assurance process since the surety bond premiums provider takes on potential risks should losses be incurred due to broken contracts or failed payments from the bonded party.

How do I get a surety bond in Illinois?

In order to obtain a surety bond in Illinois, you can start by submitting an application at your nearest insurance agency or dedicated surety company. The firm will review the data provided and decide if eligibility is met for that particular bond along with its cost before giving their consent. Also, they may ask for some more details regarding it. Once everything falls into place with deposit company in regards to assessing whether these conditions are fulfilled satisfactorily, the issuer of this type of contract -the Surety Company- would provide such securement accordingly

How much does a $10 000 surety bond cost in Texas?

For a 4-year term, in the state of Texas, obtaining a surety bond at the amount of $10,000 will cost only $50.

What are examples of surety bonds?

Surety bonds cover different aspects of business such as payment bonds such as bid, performance, and supply bonds and maintenance bonds. Commercial surety pledges to uphold the terms that are set out in its bond form.

The Best Surety Bond Companies of 2023: A Comprehensive Guide

The Best Surety Bond Companies of 2023: A Comprehensive Guide

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