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Surety Bond Definition

What are Surety Bonds? A Surety agreement is a three party agreement that is a legally binding contract between the bonded principal, Obligee, and typically an insurance company (the surety company). Government regulations and agencies often require organizations to issue licenses or permits.  Suret Bonds protect and ensures ethical business practices, public safety, complete projects, guarantee payment or to guarantee performance and comply with regulations.

What is a Bonded Person or Business?

What is Surety Bonding? A bonded business has purchased a surety. Surety Bonding is a contract between three parties: the principal (the business), the obligee (the party who requires the bond (usually government entities)), and the surety company (the insurance company that backs the bond). The surety bond provides guarantees the principal will fulfill its obligations to the obligee.

For example, a contractor may be required to be bonded to bid on federal government contracts. This surety bond type guarantees that the contractor will complete the construction project on time and within budget. If the project owner contractor fails to fulfill its obligations, the surety bonding company will pay the obligee’s contract value losses.

In the context of a person, a bonded person is someone with whom a surety company has bonded. This means the surety company has agreed to pay a certain amount if the person defaults on their financial obligations.

For example, a bonded person may be required to post a bond to get a job or to obtain a loan.

Online Bond Requirements

Purchasing the surety depends on the surety type of bond required and the jurisdiction that requires it. However, some general requirements may apply to all bonds:

  • Good credit history of the applicant with financial responsibility (usually the business owner)
  • A willingness to comply with the bonded terms and conditions of the bonding in case of financial loss
  • A license or permit from the state or local government (if applicable)
  • A certain level of experience in the industry

The surety underwriters assess applicants’ qualifications and financial information. This helps them determine if the applicant qualifies for payment under the bond contract during the underwriting process.

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  • Note: Poor credit could result in increased premiums.

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Type of Bond Insurance

A surety or contract bond is a financial guarantee to protect a third party’s interests. Government agencies, businesses, and organizations often require contract bonds and guarantee bonds as a guarantee for conducting business.

The cost of a bond varies depending on its type, amount, bond requirements and the risk factors associated with the issuer. 

Below is a table outlining the different types of performance bonds used. It describes other types of performance bonds and examples of their use.

Type of BondDescriptionExample
Bid BondsGovernment agencies and organizations require a bid bond to guarantee that the contractor will fulfill the project. If they fail, the surety company will compensate the requesting party for any losses.A contractor posts a bond of $100,000 to bid on a government construction project.
PerformanceContractors often need to provide a performance bond to ensure they complete the project as agreed. If they fail to do so, a surety company will compensate the requesting party for any losses.A contractor must post a performance bond of $500,000 to build a new school for a school district.
PaymentPayment bonds ensure that contractors pay their suppliers and subcontractors. The surety company will cover payments if the contractor defaults.A contractor must post a payment bond of $250,000 to build a new hospital for a hospital district.
FidelityFidelity bonds protect businesses from employee theft or fraud by compensating for losses incurred. If an employee steals from a business, the surety company pays for the losses.A business purchases a $100,000 fidelity bond for its employees who handle cash. 
CourtCourt bonds ensure that parties show up in court. If not, surety companies compensate for losses.A defendant in a civil lawsuit posts a bond of $50,000 to ensure that they will appear for the trial.
Surety Bond Insurance

Furthermore, people use several miscellaneous bonds for various purposes. Some examples of common types of miscellaneous bonds include:

  • Bail bonds are court bonds issued by bail bondsmen to obtain bail in lieu of a cash bond for release from jail for an individual.
  • Certain government activities require a license and permit bond. They are a requirement to obtain a license to operate a business or engage in a specific activity.

Surety Bond Costs and Factors Affecting Prices

Various factors determine the contract price of the cost of bonds.

Below is a table highlighting the most significant factors affecting bond prices:

FactorsDefinitionImpact on Price
CreditA measure of creditworthinessHigh
IndustryThe level of risk associated with a particular industryHigh
AmountThe total amount of the bondModerate
TypeThe type of contract being bondedModerate
DurationThe length of time the bond will be in effectLow
LocationThe state in which the bond will be issuedLow

It is essential to note that some factors may carry more weight in contractor insured bonds than others.

A contractor with a low credit score will pay a higher suret bond premium than one with a high credit score. Industries with higher risk will also have higher bond costs. Unique business details can also impact bond prices. A company with legal problems will pay more for a bond than a company with no legal issues.

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Instant Issue Bonds

Instant-issue commercial surety bonds have special advantages.  With an instant-issue commercial surety bond, customers can immediately download and print their signed and sealed bond. In most states, this eliminates the requirement for additional contracts and paperwork from the surety bond producer, and the surety bond protects immediately.

As a result, these sureties provide a more convenient risk transfer mechanism than traditional bonding methods. This makes it more convenient than traditional bonding methods.

The surety allow you to get a surety bond online in Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and South Carolina. Customers can gain approval to bond instantly without needing to search for bond forms or perform a credit check. The application and payment process is user-friendly and guarantees an accurate bond.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Surety bonds are legally binding agreements among three parties: the principal, the obligee, and the surety.
  • Project owners commonly use a Surety in the construction industry to provide financial protection.
  • Different types of surety bonds are available, including bid, performance, construction, license, permit, court, fidelity, probate, contract, and miscellaneous bonds.
  • Government agencies and businesses often require bonds to minimize financial risk and ensure consumer protection.
  • The obligee may require the surety to pay if the principal fails to fulfill their duties. Afterward, the surety can request the principal to reimburse them.
  • At, you can purchase a surety bond online quickly, affordably, and conveniently. You’ll receive instant approval and be able to download your surety bonds right away.